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Why Sunday Weddings are Special

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Having your wedding on a Sunday isn't typically the first choice for most brides. In fact, many brides & grooms have more than likely bent over backwards to avoid celebrating their nuptials on a Sunday. But why? Please know, we at Abbott Events don’t agree or disagree with a bride and groom's choice for their perfect wedding day, but we thought it may be of value to our clients to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of Sunday for your special day. Below are a few of the reasons why we think it may be worthwhile considering.



1. You'll get to spend more time with your family

If your wedding is on a Saturday, your out of town family probably arrives late Friday evening. You have a very small amount of time, if any, to say hello and catch up with the family members you don't get to see on a regular basis. This is a big wedding etiquette no-no.

The common misconception that it's rude to have your wedding on a Sunday because it requires some guests to take Monday off work is false. If your wedding is on a Friday, there are inevitably guests that have to take Friday off to make it. And while it may be unavoidable for certain guests to not take Monday off in order to make your special day, that's more of an excuse for them to hit the open bar. And who doesn't want an excuse for a long weekend?


2. You can party late, end early, & completely customize your celebration

Having your wedding on a Sunday gives you the kind of flexibility you've only dreamt of. Want to have a late morning ceremony followed by Irish Coffee? What about an afternoon brunch wedding with your caterer providing a build your own bloody mary bar? Celebrating on a Sunday provides you with unlimited creative options that other days of the week just don't provide.



3. You'll never have to worry about availability

Did you have that perfect weekend in October chosen only to find out your dream venue was booked? Having your wedding on a Sunday will open prime weekends that you would usually have to wait years to book. Imagine touring any venue and not even having to ask if the date you want is available. How good would that feel!?


4. You can choose any vendor you want

Choosing the right vendors can make or break your wedding night. Unfortunately, the best vendors are the most sought after, leaving it difficult to book them for your special night. By celebrating on a Sunday, you will be able to fill your wedding with the vendors of your dreams. Not to mention they'll come at a discount.



5. You'll save money...and lots of it

We all know how expensive weddings can be. Like, seriously. But since the majority of brides & grooms haven't yet realized the benefits of Sunday weddings, venues and vendors alike will offer eye dropping discounts. Not only will you be able to choose any venue you want, it'll come at a fraction of the cost. Many venues offer packaged discounts for Sunday's as well. All you have to do is ask!

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